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"Watt" to do in a Lightning Storm

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Last evening here in Coeur d’Alene we witnessed a great amount of heavy rain, lightning, and some flooding in parts of the roads. Thankfully nothing too harmful took place in our area, but let’s think about the precautions to take if we were going to be stuck in a stormy situation.

If you were stuck in a car…

According to staff writer Mark Leberfinger of a fully-enclosed, all metal vehicle is very safe. If the vehicle is struck by lightning, the charge will go around the car and the occupants inside will be protected. Ideally, it is best to pull over until a storm passes because visibility on the road is limited and it is difficult to locate flooded areas until you have hit them. Hitting these areas can cause lost control of a vehicle, or hitting something submerged in the water that was unnoticed.

If you were stuck outside…

Stay away from tall objects. If you are stuck in a forest full of trees, find a place where there are small trees surrounded by taller trees to reduce the chances of being struck by lighting. If you find yourself in a field, or open area it is best to crouch down and make yourself small. If lighting bolts had a brain, all they would think about is touching to the earth and finding the easiest route to get there. Bolts travel through telephone poles, through trees, and unfortunately sometimes people, so try to make it difficult for the bolts to reach you.

If you were stuck in your house…

If you are in your home you are in the right spot! So stay there. If you hear thunder getting louder your instincts will tell you that the storm is close so prepare for any power outages or surges. Unplug your electronics for they may damaged by electrical surges. An electrical power surge is a sudden spike in the electric current that can overload your electric devices with energy. Locate candles or battery powered lights so that if the power goes out you will be able to locate them easily in the dark. Try to stay off cell phones and save the batteries in case the need for emergency.

While dancing in the rain can be a fun thing to do, spending time inside with your family is a better way to light up your life!

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