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Motor Vehicle Accidents Due to Excessive Driver Fatigue


Driving while overly tired can be incredibly dangerous. In fact, statistics estimate there are around 90,000 accidents per year related to fatigued drivers and drowsy driving. If you are involved in an auto accident with an excessively fatigued driver, then you may have the right to file a claim against them.

Fatigued Driving Accident Attorney Spokane & Coeur d'Alene

When Are You Most At Risk Of An Accident Due to Driver Fatigue?

Regardless of how the crash happens, there are times and places where you’re most likely to be involved in an accident due to excessive driver fatigue. Typically, long-distance truck drivers are the most at-risk of falling asleep behind the wheel of their vehicle. They work long hours and will drive through the night. As such, if you’re driving late in the evening or into the early morning, this is where you’re putting yourself in danger of being hit by a fatigued driver. In fact, the recent statistics say the worst hours for fatigue driver accidents are between midnight and 6 am.

How Charles Bean & Associates, PLLC Can Help


We specialize in all manner of auto accidents. As a result, our team of attorneys can help you if you’ve been injured as the result of a fatigued driver. We will fight your corner and help prove that the driver caused the accident because they were too tired.

All drivers are supposed to owe a duty of care to other motorists. A fatigued driver violates this duty of care and puts others at risk. Therefore, anyone that’s caused an accident because they were too tired to drive can be held accountable for your injury and any damages that occur.

Here are a few signs we look for to determine whether or not fatigue was at fault:

  • The crash was between the hours of midnight and 6am
  • Most fatigue-related accidents only involve one other driver with no passengers in their vehicle
  • Tired drivers typically make no attempt to avoid the crash
  • You were hit by a vehicle that either veered off the road or plowed into the back of you
  • You have video evidence or witness statements that claim the driver was tired when you confronted them afterward

If we notice the majority of these telltale signs, then it can help prove fatigue was at play, and the driver was at fault. Thus, we can proceed with your claim to get the compensation you deserve.

What To Do After An Accident Caused by Excessive Driver Fatigue?


It’s essential that you take the right steps after an accident caused by excessive driver fatigue to protect your right to maximum recovery in your case.

The first thing you must do is check if anyone needs immediate medical attention. If they do, then call 911 right away.

After you have done this, get as much information from the scene as possible, including:

  • Names and contact information of all drivers involved
  • Names, contact information, and statements of any available witnesses
  • Photographs of the accident scene - inclusive of location, traffic lights, and timing

Our experienced attorneys strongly advise you don’t admit fault. If you do this, then it’s an admission that you were somewhat to blame, and this affects your case.

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident caused by excessive driver fatigue and want to file a claim against the other driver, then get in touch with us today. Our legal team will use all of their experience and knowledge to ensure you get the maximum payout you deserve.

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