February 2013 Case Study

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Settlement - Kootenai County

Settlement Date: 1/18/13

Plff, female age 37, secretary. Plff contended the Def. failed to stop at a red light, striking her vehicle. Injuries: Neck and back injuries. Plff underwent injections in her neck and low-back, as well as physical therapy. Neck surgery was recommended at C5-6. Prior to the accident Plff had been seen by a neurosurgeon who recommended a total disc arthroplasty at C5-6. The Def. contended that a surgery was already recommended prior to the accident, and therefore, any surgery following the accident would not have been related to this accident.


Med. $28,220 (disputed); Lost Wages $15,330+.


Demand: $300,000. Offer: $15,000 (initial offer)



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