December 2012 Case Study

Representation of our exemplary work.

Settlement - Kootenai County

Settlement Date: 11/12

Plff, female age 52, table games dealer. Plf contended she was stopped at a red stop sign waiting to make a right turn, when her vehicle was struck from the rear by the Def.'s vehicle. Police were not called to the scene, and no citations were issued. Injuries: Neck and shoulder injuries requiring surgery. Plff underwent a multi-level anterior discectomy and fusion surgery at C4-5, C5-7 and C6-7. Plff also underwent an arthroscopic subacromial decompression release of the coracoacromial ligament, subtotal bursectomy and acromioplasty, and limited debridement of the superior labrum, inferior labrum and rotator cuff.


Med. $73,161; Lost Wages $34,000 (disputed); Days Work Lost - 2 weeks before Plff was laid off; Prop. Damage - minimal wage.


Demand: $300,000. Offer: $30,000.



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