September 2011 Case Study

Representation of our exemplary work.

Settlement - Kootenai County

Settlement Date: 3/1/11

Plff, male age 17. Plff was a high school student helping transport band equipment from the football field to the high school after a school-sponsored football game. Plff was sitting on the tailgate of another student's truck to prevent the band equipment from moving or falling out of the truck. Plff contended the Def. driver rounded a corner too fast and he was thrown from the tailgate onto the roadway. Plff claimed there was no supervision provided by the school or the teachers. Injuries: Traumatic brain injury. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; anxiety. Neck and back pain; headaches. Plff underwent a right frontotemporal craniotomy for evacuation of an acute epidural hematoma.


Med. $46,754; Days in Hosp. - 3 days.


Demand: $1,000,000. Offer: $38,527.



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