August 2015 Case Study

Representation of our exemplary work.

Settlement - Kootenai County

Settlement Date: 8/17/10

Plff, female age 50, table games dealer. Plff was a passenger in a dump truck that was carrying a large load of dirt. Plff contended as the dump truck exited the freeway, it was unable to stop and lost control, tipping over onto the driver's side. The dump truck lost it's load of dirt, which landed on a van, crushing it. The force of the impact caused Plff's seat belt to break. Injuries: Neck injury requiring an anterior cervical discectomy with allograft fusion and internal fixation at C5-6 (Depuy Skylinei Plate). Shoulder injury; rotator cuff tear, longitudinal. Plff underwent a left shoulder acromioplasty with coracoacromial (CA) ligament excision and acromialclavicular joint excision. Head injury; brief loss of consciousness. Headaches with nausea; vertigo. Tinnitus; ringing in ears.


Med. $97,946; Lost Wages $31,848.


Demand:$500,000. Offer: $50,000.



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